Backfills and Road Foundations

Drainage Blanket

The stabilisation of embankments, often in excavations with water infiltration, is treated with drainage blankets comprising a geotextile filter with rockfill on top.

The teracro® TD geocellular structure is the efficient, economical alternative. It allows the site materials to be re-used and ensures retention and drainage.

Geocellular draining structure for filtration, drainage and earth retention: teracro® TD.

teracro® TD solution

Typical applications

  • Drainage composites for blankets, channels & trenches
  • Groundwater protection
  • Erosion control layers


  • High water flows compared to traditional drainage stone
  • Space saving, narrow trench requirement
  • Re-use of site won excavated material
  • Reduction or elimination of drainage stone & haulage requirements

Flexible drainage channels, trenches, gutters

Flexible geosynthetic drainage channels are an economical alternative to concrete. terapro® is to be covered with materials.

Flexible drainage channel: waterproofing terapro®



Separation of material layers and reinforcement

bontec® optim NW geotextiles are products that are most efficient in an anti-rutting separator role, thanks to their optimal stiffness and their grip in the soil.

Thermally bonded needle-punched nonwoven for separation and reinforcement: bontec® optim NW

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