Back of Wall Drainage

ABG Deckdrain provides a thin, light-weight and easy to transport alternative to porous concrete blocks for back of wall and external basement wall drainage. The Deckdrain is tested to withstand high compressive loads when back filled, and the integral geotextile filter bonded to the surface prevents soil ingress from blocking the drainage core. The product’s in-plane flow data is published using ‘soft’ platen testing to accurately reflect its performance when installed against a soil load.

Within the building sector the focus is mostly on the products used in the process of protecting underground parts of structures, decks or walls that are partially or wholly below ground, including car parks and commercial basements.

Typical applications

  • Basement waterproofing
  • Buried structure waterproofing
  • Carbon saving alternative to French drains with filter stone and pipe
  • Cavity drainage / membrane
  • Waterproofing protection board


  • Thin drainage layer maximises internal space
  • Easy to handle & quick to install
  • Cost effective
  • Higher in-plane flow than crushed stone
  • Protects the waterproofing
  • Huge carbon saving compared to installation of hollow concrete blocks

Unique core design withstands compressive loads from backfill operations

Stickpin fixing method to prevent penetration of waterproofing

ABG Deckdrain is supplied in rolls, available in standard dimensions of 1.1m wide x 50m long or 2.2m wide x 25m long to enable quick installation and coverage rates. A range of core drainage thicknesses are also available, depending on the in-plane flow performance required and the volume of excess pore water pressure to be drained.

Basement wall drainage
The 4mm or 6mm drainage core size is the most commonly specified for the lining of basement walls in building applications that require a Type C product specification for the waterproofing barrier protection of below ground structures, in accordance with the BS 8102 code of practice.

BS 8102 Table 1. ABG Deckdrain is categorised for Type C Waterproofing – Drained Protection applications

External basement walls
The aligned flow paths of the cuspated drainage core gives high flow performance in all directions and replaces the need for heavy concrete block drainage.
The alternative to transportation and delivery of hollow concrete blocks for external back of wall drainage, represents an impressive carbon saving of 94%.

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