teracro® TD with drainage system

Introducing teracro® TD, an innovative variation of the teracro® product line, designed to address the need for superior drainage capabilities in scenarios where infiltration water or heavy rainfall is a concern. teracro® TD is a non-woven geotextile, geocontainer featuring filtration barriers and a network of perforated mini-drains, making it the ultimate solution for erosion control in demanding environments. 


  • teracro® TD is used for all applications where a high drainage capacity is required in the event of a major ingress of seepage water or heavy rainfall, e.g. in landfill coverings, drainage blankets of large geomembrane embankments
  • Landfills Covers: Teracro® TD excels in providing effective drainage solutions for landfill covers. With its robust drainage capacity, it helps manage rainwater and prevent soil erosion, ensuring the integrity of landfill structures. 
  • Drainage Mats: For drainage mats, Teracro TD offers exceptional performance. It enhances the drainage efficiency of these mats, allowing them to handle increased water flow, making it particularly useful in areas with high precipitation.
  • Large Geomembrane-Lined Slopes: When dealing with expansive geomembrane-lined slopes, Teracro TD provides reliable protection against erosion. It ensures that the geomembrane remains secure, while efficiently managing water runoff.


  • Enhanced Drainage: all the advantages of teracro® with a greatly increased flow capacity, enhancing stabilisation of the covering. The unique textile upstand structure with integrated mini-drains guarantees efficient water drainage, reducing the risk of erosion in areas prone to heavy rainfall or high levels of infiltration water. 
  • Erosion Control: teracro TD’s filtration barriers effectively prevent soil loss and erosion, maintaining the structural integrity of the covered areas. 
  • Versatility: teracro TD can be applied in various contexts, from landfill sites to drainage mat protection and large-scale geomembrane-lined slopes, offering a versatile solution to erosion control challenges. 
  • Durable and Long-Lasting: Like the original teracro® product, teracro® TD is built to withstand challenging environmental conditions, ensuring the longevity of your erosion control systems. 


teracro® TD is a cellular nonwoven geocontainer structure featuring a tough filter base upon which twisted strips are bonded to form permeable upstands of 13cm high, it includes mini-drains, spaced regularly onto the sheet with a density ranging from 1 to 4 drains per metre.

The pipes are perforated, allowing optimal drainage for complete saturation or drainage in only a 30cm length of mini-drain.



teracro® TD can be delivered in rolls 4m wide and 50m long, or in special lengths on request.


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