Reinforced Earth

Backfill structure

The backfill structure is built in compacted layers with the insertion of a woven geotextile, regularly spaced. This allows stiffened embankments and earth walls to be built economically and quickly.

Foundation drainage

The drainage mat or drainage blanket, traditionally of fine gravel, can be economically and reliably replaced by the needle-punched nonwoven composite sheet with a network of mini-drains: teradrain®.

Needle-punched nonwoven composite sheet with a network of mini-drains for filtration and drainage: teradrain.

Typical applications

  • Slope reinforcements
  • Retaining walls
  • Green walls
  • Slope veneer stabilisation
  • Reinforced earth structures
  • Business & logistics parks
  • Housing developments & SuDS ponds


  • Reduced land take
  • Steeper walls
  • Green / vegetated slope finishes
  • Environmentally beneficial walls
  • SuDS compliant solutions
  • Reduced material import

Various claddings

The cladding must be stabilised against erosion. Several types of cladding finishes are available, economical and appropriate for the desired appearance.

They can be executed with recycled tyres, cellular concrete blocks, welded wire mesh, or gabions.

These cladding elements are joined to the reinforcing sheets by friction or bonding, and are all plantable.

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