Stabilisation grid

Our stabilisation grid is an innovative triaxial polypropylene geogrid with a triangular mesh designed to enhance soil stability,
whether used with or without geotextile reinforcement.

Featuring a unique hexagonal structure and radial stiffness, it ensures the interlocking and confinement of aggregates within
its triangular apertures, providing a multitude of benefits:

Stabilisation grid

  1. Layer stabilization: the product effectively stabilizes the soil layer,
    offering a robust solution for various applications.

  2. Improved bearing capacity: The triangular mesh configuration enhances
    bearing capacity while improving the trafficability of the treated surface.

  3. Reduced granular thickness: With our stabilisation grid, it’s possible to achieve
    up to 50% reduction in granular thickness without compromising performance,
    leading to cost savings and optimized material usage.

  4. Swift and cost-efficient construction: The grid facilitates rapid and economical construction,
    making it an ideal choice for projects where efficiency is crucial.

  5. Extended service life: our stabilisation grid contributes to an increased lifespan of the structure,
    ensuring long-term durability and reliability.

Choose our stabilisation grid for a comprehensive solution that not only meets but exceeds expectations in soil stabilization, providing a sustainable and efficient approach to construction and infrastructure development. 

Stabilisation grid Stabilisation grid


  • access road stabilization 
  • infrastructure platforms 
  • foundations 


  • enhanced soil stability
  • increased bearing capacity
  • improved safety
  • long-term durability

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