terapro® BAT

Terageos presents terapro® BAT, an innovative waterproof geocomposite designed to be positioned horizontally around buildings. This advanced solution serves as a robust protective barrier for water-sensitive terrains, effectively mitigating the swelling phenomenon often associated with clay soils.

By redirecting infiltrations towards a dedicated drainage system, terapro® BAT ensures comprehensive and reliable water management, safeguarding structures and preserving the integrity of surrounding landscapes. 

terapro® BAT provides a reliable ally in the battle against water-related challenges. Its horizontal application contributes not only to the prevention of water intrusion, but also addresses the specific issue of clay swelling, a common concern in construction and landscaping. This geocomposite acts as a resilient shield, diverting water away from vulnerable areas and directing it efficiently towards drainage channels. 

The innovative design of terapro® BAT reflects Teragéos’ commitment to sustainable and effective solutions in the field of geosynthetics. By incorporating cutting-edge technology and materials, this geocomposite not only provides immediate protection, but also contributes to the long-term durability of building structures.

In summary, terapro® BAT by Teragéos offers a reliable defense against clay swelling and water infiltration. Choose terapro® BAT for a solution that goes beyond conventional measures, ensuring the resilience and longevity of your construction projects. 


  • placed horizontally around buildings terapro® BAT protects ground sensitive to water and limits the phenomenon of clay swelling by pushing the seepage back toward a drain.


  • teracro® BAT is rotproof in the soil and is easy and quick to install being a single-piece; the waterproof sheet is protected on both sides by puncture-resistant geotextiles joined together in the factory, which do not slip relative to one another during backfilling.
  • please contact teragéos for any special design


  • terapro® BAT consists of needle-punched nonwoven polypropylene puncture-resistant protective geotextiles of 300 g/m2 mass per unit area, joined in factory by a hot-melt process to a waterproof polyethylene sheet
  • Assembly of the waterproof polyethylene sheet should be feasible by hot air gun and with an automatic machine
  • The dynamic puncture resistance in accordance with ISO 13433 must be less than 1mm and the static puncture resistance greater than 3.6kN

Installation technique

  • prepare a clean, graded, compacted and drained earthworks base, with no projecting elements, sloping 3% toward the outside of the walls to be protected
  • unroll terapro® BAT on the ground with a pole and a machine, or by hand, or use a lifting beam
  • adjust the fit to the earthworks profile, cut out by cutter if necessary, peg terapro® BAT with concrete reinforcing bars on the edges of the area to hold it in position during materials backfilling, and smooth and compact the materials
  • treat tiling joins by thermal bonding with a hot air gun
  • in the case of a façade exposed to the rain, without a roof overhang, for example, fasten terapro® BAT to the sides of the building with a weather fillet, and make sure
    that the ground is well compacted to avoid any subsequent tensile force on the fastenings
  • provide for an outlet at the low point for the drainage system on the underside
  • please contact Teragéos for any installation advice or technical assistance for bonding.


  • terapro® BAT is available in widths of 1, 2 and 4 m, and 50 m lengths; other sizes on request.

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