bontec® HF woven geotextiles

Teragéos presents its exclusive line of HF woven geotextiles, a collection distinguished by its exceptional permeability and pore size attributes, coupled with substantial mechanical strength. Tailored for the most demanding hydraulic applications, these high-flow textiles provide a solution where both high permeability and effective filtration are imperative. 

Designed to excel in scenarios requiring rapid water flow and potential encounters with reverse flows, the HF geotextiles find utility as filter wraps, erosion control layers, filtration or separation layers, and for load transfer. Their unique composition, combining polypropylene and polyethylene yarns, sets them apart in terms of quality and performance. 

With characteristic opening sizes ranging from 180 to 1300 microns, water flows of up to 600 litres/m².s normal to the plane of the geotextile, tensile strengths reaching up to 40 kN/m, and CBR puncture values up to 6 kN, the technical specifications underscore the versatility and reliability of the HF range. 

Available in rolls 5.25 meters wide or other custom widths, with a standard length of 100 metres, these geotextiles serve various functions, including separation and filtration. The application areas span granular drainage trenches and blankets, artificial sports surfaces and equestrian arenas, as well as stormwater control systems. 

Boasting a minimum durability of 100 years, the HF geotextiles feature a fine filter mesh with uniform aperture size across the entire product and each roll. This design ensures reliable hydraulic characteristics for optimal long-term filtration, while minimising the risk of fabric blocking and clogging. 

The mechanical characteristics of high tensile strength and puncture values make these geotextiles a robust choice. Additionally, Teragéos takes pride in the environmental advantages of this range, with a significant reduction in carbon footprint and costs compared to traditional methods. Choose Teragéos HF woven geotextiles for unparalleled performance in separation and filtration applications.


  • in posts and planking for embankment filtration
  • for filtration of permeable soils with significant water circulation
  • as a drainage sand filter
  • for filtering waste in clogging environments


  • bontec® HF is specially designed for the filtration of soils with high permeability or where there is substantial water runoff
  • the woven structure provides good strength as well as a large pre size and high permeability
  • bontec® HF’s UV resistance allows use in exposed areas
  • bontec® HF can be used directly on the retaining wall of an embankment between piles


bontec® HF is a polypropylene and polyethylene monofilament woven geotextile of strength up to 41 kN/m.

Installation technique

  • plan a layout to limit cutting out
  • prepare a flat, graded, compacted base with no protruding elements
  • unroll the product on the ground with a pole or by hand, or suspended from a lifting beam
  • the textile overlap depends on the supporting soil: 30 cm on a stable, graded soil, or 60cm to 1m on a soft soil
  • the textile can be stitched together
  • cut out the product using a cutter or scissors, wearing gloves


bontec® HF is available in rolls 5.25m wide x 100m or 2.62m x 100m.

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