Embankment Stabilisation

Trench drains

The trench drains used to collect water seeping into the embankment structure are traditionally created with drainage stone but can be replaced with prefabricated barriers manufactured on a customised basis. They are quick and easy to install and comprise a needle-punched nonwoven composite sheet with a network of mini-drains: teradrain® RIV.

Screens made of a needle-punched nonwoven composite with a network of mini-drains for filtration and drainage: teradrain® RIV

Drainage blanket

The stabilisation of embankments, often in excavations with water infiltration, is treated with drainage blankets comprising a geotextile filter with rockfill on top. The teracro® TD geocellular structure is the efficient, economical alternative. It allows the site materials to be re-used and ensures retention and drainage.

Geocellular drainage structure for filtration, drainage, retention and vegetation: teracro® TD

Typical applications

  • Steep embankment profiles
  • Erosion control systems
  • Embankment fill consolidation


  • Cost-effective alternative to granular gravel drainage
  • Faster earthworks settlement
  • Reduced material imports resulting in less vehicle movements
  • Pore pressure relief

Gully erosion control

Gully erosion of embankments by runoff water can be easily prevented by application of the teracro® TD filtering barrier structure.

The teracro® geocellular structure stops erosion and prevents gullying. It allows the site materials to be re-used and ensures retention, drainage and revegetation.

Geocellular draining structure for filtration, drainage, retention and revegetation: teracro® TD

Natural canvases for revegetation: teranat®, jute, coconut-fibre

Drainage trenches

A drainage trench running along the top of the embankment captures seepage and prevents its resurgence on the slope.
The teradrain® RIV prefabricated synthetic drainage trench with a network of mini-drains can economically replace the geotextiles and aggregates required in the traditional solution.

Reinforced earth retaining structure

A perfect combination of granular materials and bontec® force products, reinforced earth backfills allow embankment retaining structures to be executed, stiffened to gain land area, or to bear road shoulders or buildings.

Flexible drainage channels, trenches, gutters

Many embankments collapse due to the lack of a drainage channel to recover water at the top. Flexible geosynthetic drainage channels are an economical alternative, easily and quickly installed.

terapro® is suitable when covered with materials.

Flexible drainage channel for waterproofing: terapro®

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