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The quality of Terageos since 1994. 

Terageos is a French company certified with ISO 9001 since 1994 for the distribution, manufacturing of geosynthetics. The production site in Veurey (38) for Teradrain® and Teracro® is certified by Asqual following CE marking. 

BontexGeo’s Bontec® products, distributed through major specialized distribution networks in public works, are certified by Asqual in France, Copro in Benelux, SVG in Switzerland, NorGeoSpec in Scandinavia and IVG/HPQ in Germany. 

Our in-house engineering department performs pre-dimensioning of applications. Throughout the customer relationship, we guarantee professional advice based on needs analysis, certified quality products, and controlled implementations. Our enduring partnerships with major clients and the execution of complex projects are the culmination of our quality policy. 


ISO 9001: Voluntary certification of the company’s activities and its quality management system.
CE marking: Mandatory legal certification of the production site in accordance with construction product directives.
Asqual product certification: Voluntary certification of characteristics declared by a manufacturer for a product.
Harmonized testing standards: European testing standards used for characterizing and certifying geosynthetics: 


– Drainage: NF EN 13252
– Erosion control: NF EN 13253
– Roads: NF EN 13249
– Railways: NF EN 13250
– Earthworks and foundations: NF EN 13251
– Reservoirs and dams: NF EN 13254
– Canals: NF EN 13255
– Solid waste: NF EN 13257
– Liquid waste: NF EN 13265
– Thickness: NF EN ISO 9863
– Mass per unit area: NF EN ISO 9864
– Tensile strength: NF EN ISO 10319
– Deformation at maximum tensile stress: NF EN ISO 10319
– Water permeability normal to the plane: NF EN ISO 11058 

– Dynamic puncture: EN ISO 13433
– CBR puncture resistance: EN ISO 12236
– Pyramidal puncture resistance: NF G 38019
– Filtration opening: NF EN ISO 12956
– Flow capacity in the plane: NF EN ISO 12958


– Thickness and mass per unit area: EN 1849-2
– Static puncture: NF P 84-507
– Traction: NF EN 12311-2
– Permeability: NF EN 14150 

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