vertical drainage teradrain® RIV

teradrain® RIV is an innovative prefabricated drainage trench that provides a vertical screen with a network of mini-drains and a dedicated filtration pocket for efficient ground-level collection. Its versatile application extends to various highways and rail engineering structures.

One of the primary applications of teradrain® RIV is in the construction of roadway embankments. By serving as an effective edge support system, it enhances the stability of road foundations. The integration of this drainage solution in the carriageway design not only ensures the effective drainage and integrity of the road, but also contributes to the overall longevity of the transport infrastructure. 

Furthermore, teradrain® RIV can be utilised within deep drainage applications, particularly in the isolation of storage sites. By effectively managing water at greater depths, it contributes to the protection and preservation of storage areas, preventing potential waterlogging issues and ensuring the long-term viability of the designated sites. 

In conclusion, teradrain® RIV is designed for a diverse range of applications, ranging from roadway embankments to retaining walls and reinforced soil structures to promote stability, durability, and efficient water management. 


  • waste storage
  • reinforced earth foundations
  • road, railways, roadbeds
  • sports grounds
  • embankment stabilisation
  • reservoirs


  • teradrain® RIV reduces the volume of earthworks and expensive filter materials required
  • the excavation is far narrower than conventional drains and can be backfilled with site won materials
  • teradrain® RIV is laid in one piece; this simplifies logistics by avoiding procurement of separate filter textiles and aggregates
  • teradrain® RIV is lightweight and flexible, made-to-measure and ready-to-use
  • already fitted with the filter sleeve for the main drain, teradrain RIV is easy and quick to install
  • teradrain® RIV is efficient owing to the filter effect across the large outer surface area
  • teradrain® RIV is efficient due to the network of perforated mini-drains incorporated diagonally in the sheet, seepage capture is guaranteed
  • teradrain® RIV features a fastening band at its top
  • teradrain® RIV is available in a wide range of heights and functionalities


teradrain® RIV is a ready-to-use vertical filtering and drainage sheet including a filter pocket for the base drain. The top of the teradrain® RIV is enclosed within the filter wrap to prevent the ingress of soil fines.

The network of 20mm diameter mini-drains are slotted with multiple perforations. The drainage capacity is 720 l/h per mini-drain and the compressive strength of the mini-drains is 900 kPa within the soil.

Installation technique

  • insert the main base drain in the filter pocket and fasten to the wire provided to pull the pipe through the sleeve
  • at the end of the roll, peel back the various layers of teradrain RIV over a width of 30cm and inset the next roll
  • join the sections together by thermal method using a simple hot air / gas gun
  • please contact terageos for any sizing work or for technical assistance


teradrain RIV is available in rolls of height 0 to 3m x length 12m. Larger heights available on request.

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