teradrain® BAT

Introducing teradrain® BAT, an innovative geocomposite that serves as both a drainage and waterproofing solution for building foundations. This versatile product is designed for horizontal and vertical applications to provide a solution for various construction challenges. 

teradrain® BAT is particularly effective beneath building slabs and foundations, providing reliable drainage and preventing water damage. Whether used under flooring or a concrete raft, it ensures a robust barrier against moisture, enhancing the longevity and stability of the entire structure. 

In addition to its application beneath buildings, teradrain® BAT is an ideal choice for safeguarding buried walls against water infiltration.

Furthermore, teradrain® BAT excels in applications related to civil engineering projects and basement constructions. It serves as a reliable companion around civil engineering works and tunnels, effectively managing water drainage to maintain the structural integrity of these critical infrastructures. 

For projects involving retaining walls and formwork, teradrain® BAT proves its value by providing efficient drainage solutions behind retaining structures and at the base of formwork. This not only prevents water accumulation but also contributes to the overall stability of the construction. 

In summary, teradrain® BAT is a multifaceted geocomposite suitable for horizontal and vertical applications, ensuring effective water management and waterproofing to enhance the durability and performance of buildings and civil engineering projects alike. Choose Teradrain® BAT for a reliable, all-encompassing solution that sets a new standard in drainage and waterproofing technology. 


  • teradrain® BAT is used for under building slabs
  • against underground walls
  • around civil engineering structures and galleries
  • to the back of retaining structures


  • teradrain BAT is a complete filtering, drainage and waterproof system, ready-to-use in a single roll
  • teradrain BAT is easy and quick to install
  • teradrain BAT economises the customary filters, aggregates, drains and polyethylene film
  • teradrain BAT economises earthworks
  • teradrain BAT is efficient and reliable over time
  • one truckload of teradrain BAT replaces 100 truckloads of aggregate
  • teradrain BAT receives the support of our technical office and our advisers to design and verify the application


teradrain® BAT consists of a filtering geotextile placed against the soil, a drainage sheet with a network of 20mm diameter perforated mini-drains, waterproof polyethylene film for receiving cast in-situ concrete and protecting from seepage. The product is also available with an additional nonwoven protection sheet of the film on its outer surface.

Installation technique  

  • create a plan layout to limit cutting out
  • make provision for outlets at low-lying points
  • prepare a flat, graded, compacted base with no protruding elements
  • unroll the product on the ground with a pole passed through the reel, or by hand, or suspended from a lifting beam
  • for vertical mounting, fasten the top of the product to the wall mechanically using a steel rule and studs
  • join the sheets together by thermal bonding using a hot air gun or automatic machine


teradrain BAT is available in 4m x 50m rolls.

The following products are approved by CSTB:


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