HDPE geomembrane

A thermally weldable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembrane with a thickness range of 1.5mm. The homogeneous, black-coloured geomembrane is designed for a variety of different environmental applications. 

The HDPE geomembrane is ideal for waste management facilities, both for municipal and industrial purposes. Its robust composition ensures durability and reliability, offering a secure containment for waste materials within storage centers. The geomembrane’s exceptional resistance to environmental stresses makes it a key player in safeguarding against potential leaks or seepages, thereby enhancing the overall integrity of waste containment systems. 


  • household and industrial waste storage centres
  • chemical product retention basins
  • composting platforms
  • protection of road groundwater


  • heat-weldable seal creates strong joints
  • thermal bonding by compressed-air control channel allows exhaustive verification of welding lengths, supplemented by the vacuum chamber bell jar test on singular points
  • chemically resistant
  • available in large width sizes
  • UV resistance allows exposed use

In addition to waste management, HDPE membrane finds its utility in chemical storage facilities, serving as an effective lining for retention basins. The impermeable nature of the geomembrane acts as a protective barrier, preventing the seepage of chemicals and ensuring a secure containment environment. 

Furthermore, the HDPE geomembrane extends its application to composting platforms, offering a reliable solution for composting sites. Its homogeneity and thickness contribute to an efficient barrier, preventing any potential contamination of surrounding soil and groundwater. This makes it an essential component in promoting environmentally friendly composting practices. 

Last but not least, HDPE membrane plays a crucial role in safeguarding groundwater in road infrastructure. By serving as a protective layer, it helps shield groundwater from potential pollutants associated with road surfaces. 

In conclusion, our HDPE geomembrane stands out as a versatile and reliable geomembrane, excelling in diverse applications such as waste management, chemical storage, composting, and groundwater protection. Its homogeneous composition, thickness, and thermally weldable nature make it a go-to solution for projects prioritising durability, environmental protection, and long-term performance. 


HDPE 1.5mm thick is a heat-sealable geomembrane liner in black-coloured high density polyethylene, UV stabilised with carbon black.

Installation technique 

  • make use of a specialist team with qualifications and certifications on this product
  • at the reservoir design stage provide simple forms for earthworks and concrete structures designed to enhance the reliability of the geomembrane joints
  • provide for protection of the final geomembrane by covering with the teracro® system
  • create a layout drawing to limit cutting out
  • provide for access for the installation team
  • prepare a flat, graded, compacted base with no protruding elements
  • unroll the product on the ground with a pole passed through the reel, or by hand, or suspended from a lifting beam
  • the joins are bonded together by hot air gun
  • cut out the HDPE membrane using a cutter, wearing gloves


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