Structural Drainage – Foundations & Basements

Horizontal drainage under slabs

Structural drainage covers any drainage system or product which controls groundwater, helps remove surface water or alleviates hydrostatic pressure.

The compacted fill for slab foundations are traditionally constructed using scarce and difficult to transport aggregate materials. These can be economically replaced using the teradrain© FDE-BAT product consisting of a non-woven sheet with a network of mini-drains fixed on a PE film. This can replace the need for separate drainage trenches, geotextiles, polyethylene film and filter stone.

Typical applications

  • filtration
  • drainage
  • waterproofing


  • Easy to handle & quick to install
  • Cost effective
  • Higher in-plane flow than crushed stone
  • Protects the waterproofing
  • Carbon saving solution

Foundation protection

Fluctuations in the water content in clay soils causes major shrinkage or swelling that destabilises the foundations. A waterproof geocomposite, incorporating puncture-resistant nonwovens, terapro© BAT stabilises the moisture conditions around underground walls, to attenuate soil movements.

Fastened to the vertical walls, it provides an efficient waterproofing layer.

Vertical drainage of underground walls

teradrain FDEP-BAT is the comprehensive, reliable and economic solution for the treatment of underground walls. It is mechanically fastened at the top against the wall to be drained and waterproofed.

Drainage and waterproofing of underground ducts

teradrain© FDEP-BAT is a needle-punched nonwoven with a network of mini-drains and a PE film to provide filtration, drainage and waterproofing of underground ducts.

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