teranat® biodegradable TRM

Teragéos presents the teranat® product range. Manufactured from biodegradable natural fibres such as jute or coconut, these eco-friendly mats serve as a reinforcing mat for soil coverings, facilitating optimal moisture retention and nurturing the growth of vegetation. 

Our teranat® canvases are designed to cater to the diverse needs of landscapers and civil engineers. They offer a great solution to ecological conservation projects, creating an environment conducive to plant development. The utilisation of natural fibres minimises the ecological footprint associated with more permanent landscaping materials. 

In addition to their environmental benefits, teranat® mats prevent erosion and foster a stable foundation. The flexibility of teranat® makes it adaptable to different terrains and topographies, ensuring that they seamlessly cover a variety of landscaping requirements.


  • teranat® is used on top soil coverings


  • teranat® applied on the surface of top soil limits erosion by runoff
  • teranat® helps retain seeds between sowing and their root development
  • teranat® retains moisture and promotes the development of vegetation


Installation technique

  • prepare a site layout plan to limit cutting out
  • prepare a flat, graded, compacted base with no protruding elements
  • unroll teranat® on the ground with a pole passed through the reel, or by hand, or suspended from a lifting beam
  • cut teranat® using scissors
  • attach teranat® in the soil using pegs or staples at a rate of 1 per m2


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