Geosynthetics FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What is a geomembrane?
It is a flexible, impermeable plastic sheet that is usually assembled by heat welding. 

What is a woven geotextile?
It is a textile with threads or strips in two orthogonal directions, the weft and the warp. 

What is a needle-punched non-woven geotextile?
It is a textile made from loose fibers entangled by the alternating action of needles with barbs to provide mechanical strength to the resulting sheet. 

What is Asqual certification?
It is the French certification for product characteristics declared by the producer and verified by approved external laboratories. 

What is CE marking?
It is the mandatory and legal compliance with the European standard for geotextiles as construction products; the product values are declared by the producer, and its quality system is verified through an audit. 

Is a certified product guaranteed to fulfill its intended function?
No, because certification and suitability are inherently unrelated; the product’s suitability is linked to the application’s sizing, which determines the required characteristics. It is advisable to choose a product with certified characteristics that match the requirements.