About Teragéos

Established in 1994, Teragéos is a specialist in geosynthetic products and applications, serving the construction and environmental sectors. To protect water resources and stabilize terrains, teragéos designs exclusive manufacturing machines for geocomposites, producing drainable geocomposite sheets called teradrain® at its facility in Veurey (38). These teradrain® sheets are composed of filtering geotextiles that integrate mini-drains, Teragéos products and also anti-erosion geocomposite named teracro®, and various other special assemblies of geotextiles and geomembranes. Through this design approach, we offer solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our national network of specialized dealers provides access to the entire range, including the leading European non-woven and woven geotextiles, BontexGeo. These materials are recommended in numerous infrastructure projects across the country and abroad to provide a comprehensive solution, we offer an integrated service, from execution studies to implementation. 

Our distribution partners include DMTP Point P, CRH Busca, Descours & Cabaud, MTP, BTP Distribution (SAMSE), Libaud, and Frans Bonhomme. 

teragéos training school 

At its headquarters in Veurey (38), teragéos has a training school with a demonstration room equipped with models. Training is conducted by engineers from the company and experienced personnel, using case studies, experiments, videos, and practical exercises. The objective is to provide general basic information to understand various applications with geosynthetics, highlighting some characteristics of these high-performance and cost-effective materials, which can serve as alternatives or complements to traditional construction techniques. 

Bontexgeo Group

Teragéos is a proud member of the Bontexgeo Group, a a leading supplier of design led solutions for the built environment, renowned for its unwavering commitment to excellence,
innovation, and sustainability.

BontexGeo Group

Teragéos Mission statement

To help build a sustainable future by providing comprehensive geosynthetic solutions.

Our vision

To excel in delivering comprehensive solutions to our customers, assisting them from design up to execution.

Our values

Excellence: We strive to achieve excellence in our service and products.

Integrity: We focus on doing the right thing and we take responsibility.

People: Inspiring our people to achieve success for our business, our partners and ourselves.

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