F-VNW terabloc®

terabloc® F-VNW is an advanced non-woven geocomposite, engineered with needle-punching technology to provide effective filtration and puncture resistance beneath riprap and breakwater structures. In essence, the upper layer of the product is designed to resist puncturing when in contact with blocks, while the lower layer, in contact with the soil to be filtered, is protected and geared towards optimal filtration. 

By utilising terabloc® F-VNW, you gain a superior alternative to traditional natural filtration materials like sand, which are prone to erosion under the influence of currents. This geotextile not only provides enhanced filtration capabilities but also contributes to the overall stability and longevity of the structure it is employed in. Whether it’s erosion control, filtration, or coastal protection, terabloc® F-VNW stands out as a reliable and efficient solution, offering a sustainable and durable option for various geotechnical applications.


  • Filtration and Separation under Riprap: The terabloc® F-VNW excels as a filtration and separation layer beneath riprap, ensuring that soil particles are effectively filtered while providing crucial separation between the underlying soil and the rock structure.
  • Shoreline and Coastal Protection: its anti-puncture properties make it an ideal choice for protecting shorelines and coastal areas. The puncture-resistant upper layer adds an extra layer of defense against the impact of waves and other environmental forces.
  • Dynamic and Alternating Filtration (Wave Action): terabloc® is well-suited for applications involving dynamic and alternating filtration, especially in areas subjected to the effects of waves. Its composition and design make it resilient in environments where the filtration requirements vary due to wave dynamics.


  • the white side and black sides prevent installation confusion
  • F-VNW terabloc® is needle-punched from 100% virgin polypropylene fibres
  • F-VNW terabloc® due to its significant elongation, adapts well to movements of the base during the placement of blocks and during service, so as to ensure its role as filter continuously
  • Excellent water flows normal to plane
  • Consistent pore sizes
  • Permeable


bontec® F-VNW terabloc® is needle-punched from 100% virgin polypropylene fibres permitting 100% elongation at break, of mass per unit area 500 to 800 g/m2. F-VNW terabloc® is especially designed for filtration and separation under rockfill / rip rap coastal barriers.

The top layer of the product is puncture resistant in contact with the blocks, while the bottom layer in contact with the soil to be filtered is protected and designed for filtration.

Installation technique

  • plan layout to limit cutting out
  • prepare a flat, graded, compacted base with no protruding objects
  • unroll the product on the ground with a pole passed through the reel, or by hand, or suspended from a lifting beam
  • the textile overlaps depend on the supporting soil; on a stable, graded soil 30 cm, on a soft soil 60cm to 1m
  • the textile can be stitched together or “welded” with a hot air / gas gun
  • cut the product using a cutter or scissors, wearing gloves


F-VNW terabloc® is available in rolls 4m wide x 100m.

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