PET woven geotextile

Advantage of woven geotextiles

Woven polyester or polypropylene reinforcing sheets, with a high-modulus of deformation, make efficient and economical soil reinforcement solutions. They enable the construction of soil-geotextile sandwiches used for the construction of retaining walls.


  • retaining walls
  • barriers, dykes
  • backfills, roadbeds


  • Quick and easy to transport and install
  • technology optimised for maximum efficiency in soil reinforcement applications thanks to the high-modulus polyester threads that are creep resistant in most reinforced earth applications
  • light and flexible and easy to install
  • due to its woven manufacture and small pore size, PET woven has a good filtration capacity between soil layers, for improved protection against internal erosion
  • effective for providing reinforcement between soil layers
  • compact and can be handled easily and does not absorb water
  • Teragéos engineering department is attentive to your project design requirements


Woven geotextile is used for reinforced earth structures as an alternative to concrete or rockfill solutions, in geotextile / soil-layer sandwiches. A high performance woven geotextile, engineered for reinforcement applications and suitable for strengthening a wide range of materials, it is capable of fulfilling many of the functions required of a geogrid, whilst at the same time offering all the benefits of a woven geotextile.

Installation technique

  • plan a layout drawing according to the product’s direction of work to limit cutting out
  • prepare a flat, graded, compacted base with no protruding elements
  • unroll the product on the ground with a pole passed through the reel, or by hand, or suspended from a lifting beam
  • the textile overlap depends on the supporting soil: on a stable, graded soil 30cm, on a soft soil 60cm to 1m
  • adjoining textile can be stitched together
  • cut out the product using a cutter or scissors, wearing gloves


Woven geotextile is available in rolls 5.40m wide x 200m.

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