bontec® RIGIDD Geotextile

RIGIDD 1100, an innovative geosynthetic solution developed for demanding civil projects where continuous abrasive forces are at play.
It stands out in railway applications, as a separation geotextile layer in direct contact with ballast. The abrasive forces of the ballast rock and the rail vibrations will puncture any normal geotextile filter in a matter of time. RIGIDD 1100 has been tested to whitstand these forces and maintain its functionality, improving railways everywhere.



Can be used under the ballast layer as a separation and filtration layer
RIGIDD will prevent the upward movement of particles from the subsurface into the ballast layer



  • Outstanding durability characteristics
  • Service life of 100 years
  • Made of 100% virgin polypropylene
  • Highly resistant to acids and alkalis, hydrolysis, oxidation, and microbiological attack
  • Easy to recycle

Railway stability
Maintaining a resilient track platform is crucial in railways to prevent contamination of the ballast layer with subsurface particles.
RIGIDD 1100 serves as an effective underlayer for separation and filtration, safeguarding against contamination and enhancing longevity.

Performance and evaluation
RIGIDD 1100, crafted through an advanced production process, demonstrates exceptional abrasion resistance and filtration characteristics.
Rigorous “Vibrogir” tests in SNCF laboratories confirm its durability and functionality under simulated train movements.

SNCF approval
RIGIDD 1100 has received approval from SNCF for use as a separation/filtration geotextile beneath ballast layers.

The product’s outstanding durability is supported by a 1-month UV exposure declaration and a service life of 100 years.
Composed of 100% virgin polypropylene, it resists acids, alkalis, hydrolysis, oxidation, and microbiological attacks, while also being easily recyclable.

Bontec RIGIDD: Railway stability Bontec RIGIDD: Railway stability

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