woven bontec® force SG

bontec® force SG finds application in various settings such as access roads, hard standings, roadways, car parks, and coastal defense projects. It excels in preventing intermixing of soft in-situ soils with clean granular fill, with a range of aperture sizes available to suit different requirements. Compared to nonwovens, the bontec® SG range exhibits superior mechanical strength per unit weight, making it a reliable and cost-efficient choice for roads and temporary access roads. bontec® force SG is used in all structures where strengthening and good resistance to chemical attacks is required.



  • Bontec woven geotextiles perform key functions such as separation, filtration, and reinforcement, making them versatile for a range of applications including site access roads, new roadways, hardstandings, car parks, industrial units, and coastal defense projects
  • retaining structures
  • barriers, dykes
  • backfills, roadbeds
  • runways
  • geobags, gabions


  • The features and benefits of Bontec woven geotextiles include a minimum 100-year durability
  • maximum strength at minimal cost
  • greater mechanical strength per unit weight compared to nonwovens
  • significant reduction in carbon footprint and costs compared to traditional methods
  • resistance to acids and alkalis at ambient temperatures, and high biological resistance
  • bontec® force SG is light and flexible and easy to install, assembled by overlap or stitching
  • due to its woven manufacture and small pore size, it provides a good filtration capacity between soil layers for improved protection against internal erosion
  • broad range from 16 to 300 kN/m strength
  • the teragéos engineering department is attentive to your project design requirements



In terms of technical specifications, Bontec woven geotextiles are manufactured from highly durable polypropylene, with tensile strengths ranging from 14 to 80 kN/m and CBR puncture strengths ranging from 2 to 9 kN. These geotextiles are available in rolls of 5.25 m width as standard, with other widths available upon request. The standard roll length is 100 m. 

Installation technique

  • create a plan layout to limit cutting out
  • prepare a flat, graded, compacted base with no projecting elements
  • unroll the product on the ground with a pole passed through the reel, or by hand, or suspended from a lifting beam
  • the textile overlap depends on the supporting soil: 30cm on a stable, graded soil or 60cm to 1m on a soft soil
  • the textile can be stitched together
  • cut out the product using a cutter or scissors wearing gloves


bontec® force SG is available in rolls 5.25m wide x 100m.

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