nonwoven bontec® Protec for protection

Discover nonwoven bontec® Protec, an advanced needle-punched nonwoven geotextile designed to provide superior protection. This range is well-suited for applications where a strong protection layer is crucial.

bontec® protec finds typical use in protecting valuable pipeline coatings during backfilling, serving as an erosion control layer under rock armor in coastal defense projects, and acting as a protective layer for geomembrane in landfills and reservoirs.

Technical details include tensile strengths ranging from 22 kN/m to 80 kN/m, weights from 300 to 1200 g/m², fabric thicknesses up to 10 mm, and CBR puncture values up to 15 kN. Produced using 100% virgin polypropylene staple fibers, Protec also accommodates project-specific dimensions upon request. 

Functions include protection, separation, and filtration. Elevate your project’s performance with Bontec Protec, setting new standards in geotextile innovation. 

The bontec® protec nonwoven protection geotextiles are engineered to provide unrivalled CBR puncture resistance and tensile strength, offering maximum protection at optimum cost levels.

Asqual certified geotextiles:

  • NW 5, NW 6, NW 8, NW 12, NW 16, NW 20, NW 25
  • PROTEC 300, PROTEC 400, PROTEC 500, PROTEC 600, PROTEC 800, PROTEC 1000, SNW 50


  • landfills, reservoirs, groundworks, and coastal engineering
  • protection of geomembranes
  • filtration separation under rockfills

Terrex SNW protection geotextiles

Needle punched geotextile engineered to provide maximum CBR, puncture resistance and tensile strength at optimum cost.


  • minimal 100-year durability
  • optimal performance-to-cost ratios
  • high elongation, damage resistance for demanding fill types
  • excellent resistance to acids and alkalis
  • biological resistance, high puncture resistance, tensile strength
  • outstanding protection to membranes and liners (for landfills, reservoirs), high permeability, fine pore size
  • suitability for more demanding applications like coastal engineering
  • Bontec Protec is needle-punched from 100% virgin polypropylene fibres
  • Bontec Protec offers 80% to 120% elongation at break to suitably cover voids and provide excellent puncture resistance


bontec® protec is needle-punched from 100% virgin polypropylene fibres permitting 75% to 85% elongation at break. For a mass per unit area of 1000 g/m2, its static pyramid puncture resistance is 5.5 kN, and its dynamic perforation 0mm.

bontec® protec geotextiles are used in many civil engineering and construction applications including the construction of highways, rail permanent way, landfill, coastal defences and sustainable urban drainage systems. The geotextiles provide a thick filter / protection fabric that offers outstanding performance at minimum weight. When compared to other needle punched geotextiles of similar weight, bontec® provides superior puncture resistance and are ideal for liner protection, basal geomembrane protection and coastal protection applications.

Terrex SNW geotextile for protection in Coastal applications

bontec® protec geotextile for protection in Coastal applications

Installation technique

  • plan layout to limit cutting out
  • prepare a flat, graded, compacted base with no protruding elements or geomembrane support
  • unroll the product on the ground with a pole passed through the reel, or unwind by hand, or suspended from a lifting beam
  • the overlap depends on the supporting soil; on a stable, graded soil 30cm; on a soft soil 60cm to 1m
  • the textile can be stitched together or “welded” with a hot air / gas gun
  • cut out the product using a cutter or scissors, wearing gloves


bontec® protec is available in rolls 5.25m wide x 100m or 4m x 100m. Other sizes on request.

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