teracro® erosion control composite

teracro® geocomposite with integrated filtration barriers is a cutting-edge geosynthetic product designed to enhance the stability of slope covers and combat erosion. It provides a comprehensive solution where multiple products might otherwise be required.

The filter barrier geocomposite teracro® is a geosynthetic product designed to stabilise embankment coverings and help control erosion, it provides an overall solution replacing several other products.

In summary teracro® offers versatility, cost-efficiency, and environmental benefits to make it an ideal choice for projects of all sizes, from landscaping and construction to environmental conservation and infrastructure development. Choose teracro® for reliable, long-lasting results in slope cover applications. 


  • Stabilising Vegetated Slopes: teracro® is exceptionally effective in stabilising earth covers on vegetated slopes. Whether you’re dealing with landscaping projects, embankments, or highway slopes, this geotextile offers a durable solution that ensures the vegetation thrives while preventing soil erosion.
  • Non-Vegetated Gravel Slopes: For slopes covered in gravel or other non-vegetated materials, teracro® serves as a reliable choice. It prevents gravel displacement and erosion, maintaining the integrity of the slope cover.
  • Small Anti-Scour Rock Installations: When it comes to anti-scour measures with small rock installations, teracro® excels. It securely holds the rocks in place, reducing the risk of displacement and erosion.
  • Drainage Mat Protection: teracro® can be used to stabilise drainage mats that are essential for managing water runoff. It ensures the drainage system remains effective and prevents the loss of cover materials.
  • Geomembrane lining for Reservoirs and Storage Covers: teracro® is the perfect choice for safeguarding geomembrane linings in reservoirs, storage facilities, or containment areas. It provides a protective layer that extends the life of the geomembrane and enhances its resistance to environmental factors.


  • Cost Efficiency: teracro® offers a cost-effective solution by replacing the need for multiple products, reducing installation and maintenance costs.
  • Environmental Benefits: The enhanced stability it provides promotes the growth of vegetation, which further aids in soil conservation and ecological balance.
  • Longevity: teracro® is engineered to withstand harsh environmental conditions, ensuring the longevity of your slope covers and erosion control systems.
  • Ease of Installation: teracro® is a complete prefabricated ready-to-use system. Its user-friendly design and installation process make it a convenient choice for contractors and project managers.
    • lightweight and easy to transport with no assembly or intermediate anchoring or pegging required on site


teracro® is a cellular nonwoven geocontainer structure with a tough filter base, upon which twisted strips are bonded to form permeable upstands of 13cm high, spaced regularly every 60cm in both directions.

teracro® is reinforced by polyester cables to give it the necessary strength on major slopes. It is available with an integrated network of 20mm perforated mini-drains spaced regularly to provide it with a high drainage and flow capacity (teracro TD®).

Solving a major problem bit by bit: 

teracro® deals with problems of earth bonding, erosion control and slope protection via small terraces between each row of upstands; dividing a big problem into small sections to solve it more easily, ensuring great efficiency. However long a slope may be, it will therefore always be reduced to smaller drainage zones.

Installation technique

  • create a layout drawing to limit cutting out
  • provide access for the installation team
  • prepare a flat, graded and compacted base, with no protruding elements
  • unroll the product onto the ground with a pole passed through the reel, or by hand, or suspended from a lifting beam
  • the sections are bonded together using a hot air gun
  • cut out the teracro using a cutter, wearing gloves
  • provide for anchoring at the top (earth, rock, geomembrane)
  • only a head anchoring is necessary and generally no intermediate pegs are required on the slope
  • unroll the panels from the top downward, with the panels overlapping one another by about 0.5m at the side
  • backfill and compact the anchoring trench
  • backfill and compact the base anchor, then deposit earth at the top
  • finally apply topsoil from the top, pushing it slightly down the slope to fill the teracro® upstands. The earth is then levelled and compacted slightly
  • provide for discharge of the network of mini-drains into a ditch or trench (teracro TD®)


  •  teracro can be delivered in rolls 4m wide and 50m long or in custom lengths on request

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