waterproof, erosion control and drainage teraplex®

Introducing teraplex®, the versatile and landfill cover sealing system by Teragéos, designed to provide a comprehensive and ready-to-use solution for waste disposal sites. This all-in-one system integrates the erosion control system of teracro® products, cables for reinforcement and teradrain® drainage system, along with a waterproof film. 

Crafted as a single composite product, teraplex® provides a multifunctional solution suitable for a variety of applications. Whether used as a waste landfill cover in waste storage centres or as a protective layer for slag heaps, teraplex® delivers optimal performance. 

The result is a holistic solution for the  containment of waste materials, which provides long-lasting durability and resistance against environmental elements. 


Ideal for waste disposal facilities and landfill sites, teraplex® simplifies the installation process with its pre-assembled, ready-to-use design. This streamlines the implementation of landfill cover solutions, offering convenience and efficiency to operators in waste management. 

By choosing teraplex®, you are investing in a cutting-edge, all-encompassing solution for waste containment and landfill cover applications. Trust Teragéos for innovative and reliable solutions in environmental protection and waste management. 


  • teraplex® is used for refuse landfill covering (waste storage centres)
  • for waste heap covering
  • for polluted ground covering


  • teraplex® is a multifunction, monobloc system
  • waterproofing by polyethylene film or membrane
  • puncture-resistant via nonwoven geotextiles
  • strengthening on slopes by integrated polyester cables
  • high drainage via included network of mini-drains
  • holds plant or mineral layers in place for lasting protection and natural integration by geocellular retention upstands
  • our installation department performs your work to state-of-the-art standards with its trained and certified personnel



  • tensile strength up to 150 kN/m, as per NF EN ISO 10319
  • water flow capacity in the plane 720 litres/metre/hour, as per NF EN ISO 12958
  • bonded upstand height of 13cm

Installation technique

  • create a layout drawing so as to direct the network of integrated mini-drains into the outlets
  • prepare a clean, graded, compacted and drained earthworks base, with no projecting elements
  • unroll teraplex® onto the ground using a pole and a machine or by hand or use a lifting beam
  • adjust the fit to the earthworks profile, cut to size by cutting disc if necessary and peg teraplex® with concrete reinforcing bars in the anchoring
  • ballast the main section with small heaps of material using a levelling bucket
  • treat tiled joins using a thermal bonding hot air gun
  • provide for drainage ditches at the top and foot of the embankment
  • please contact Teragéos for any installation advice
  • teraplex® is available in rolls 4m wide x 50m or in other lengths

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