composite teraforce®

teraforce® is used in all structures where efficient reinforcement and protection from puncturing is required, in addition to capacity for filtration and drainage. Due to its nonwoven composite manufacture and reinforcing cables, teraforce® has a good filtration capacity between soil layers for improved protection against internal erosion and a flow capacity for removing seepage and draining the backfill.

teraforce® is more effective for providing reinforcement between soil layers due to its high coefficient of friction, with the whole surface of the product contributing thanks to the geotextile “grip”


  • retaining structures
  • barriers, dykes
  • backfills, roadbeds
  • runways
  • reinforcement of geomembrane sealing systems


  • the teraforce® reinforcing cables are protected from damage during compaction from the nonwoven sheets either side
  • the reinforcing cables have a very high modulus of stiffness
  • teraforce® is light and flexible and easy to install; it can be assembled by overlap, thermal bonding or stitching
  • broad range from 40 to 300 kN/m strength
  • the terageos engineering office is attentive to your needs to pre-design your projects


teraforce® is a reinforcement geocomposite reinforced with polyester reinforcing cables of high modulus, protected on either side by a nonwoven polypropylene sheet performing the hydraulic filtration functions. The nonwoven mass is 400 g/m2 and the elongation at break is less than 10%.

Installation technique

  • plan layout according to the direction of work to limit cutting out
  • prepare a flat, graded base with no projecting elements
  • unroll the product on the ground with a pole passed through the reel, or by hand or suspended from a lifting beam
  •  the textile overlap depends on the supporting soil: 30cm on a stable, graded soil and 60cm to 1m on a soft soil
  • adjoining sections can be placed on top of one another or stitched together
  •  the product can be cut out using a cutter or scissors, wearing gloves


  • teraforce® is available in rolls 4m wide x 100m.

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