Podium Drainage

Many new buildings incorporate landscaped amenity areas above basement or car park areas. These podium decks can vary from lawn, planter & paved amenity spaces; to additional areas for access or car parking. These are often large, waterproofed decks with minimal falls which makes drainage a key design parameter. Deckdrain sub-surface drainage layer / geocomposite offers an effective and reliable drainage system for podium decks of all sizes, whilst also providing additional protection to the waterproofing layer below.
In addition to drainage of standing water from waterproofed decks of all sizes, Deckdrain’s high CBR puncture resistance protects the waterproofing from backfilling forces and root penetration, thus extending the performance and life of the system.

High compressive strength drainage cores
The Roofdrain 60 geocomposite offers a high compressive strength and enables a shallower drainage design for podium deck structures. Using a structural geocomposite drainage core in this application means the installation time and amount of drainage stone required can be significantly reduced.







The 60mm HDPE core provides an uninterrupted drainage void, allowing water to flow in all directions across the whole installed area. The cuspates can be interlocked to connect adjoining panels and can be stepped to achieve a tiered installation. Applications include block and permeable paving, with the 60mm deep Roofdrain core supplied in roll format to enable fast installation over large areas.



The storage cuspates are typically filled with pea gravel to provide a rigid sub-base and the upper side of the drainage core includes perforations to allow water to percolate through to the channels on the under side.




Emergency access routes

The high compressive strength of Roofdrain means it is also suitable for landscaped areas that need to be trafficked by emergency vehicles and can be combined with the Advanced Turf system to achieve grassed surface areas.

Edinburgh Quartermile podium landscaping including Roofdrain 60 and Advanced Turf system

Typical applications

  • Podium deck landscaped areas
  • Incorporation of SuDS and blue roof attenuation systems
  • Amenity areas
  • Car park & basements roof decks



  • Combined drainage and attenuation layers
  • Provision for construction of large planter areas
  • Sub-surface drainage layers can be combined with Advanced Turf for trafficking by emergency and maintenance vehicles

ABG blueroof system for podium decks
In addition to standard landscaping designs, ABG specialise in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of blue roof systems for podium decks. The ABG Deckdrain geocomposite is predominantly used in podium deck applications where the requirement is to move excess water to the outlets as quickly as possible. The Roofdrain reservoir board is used when there is a requirement to maximise water retention to support vegetation layers (as well as drainage), for example on extensive green or biodiverse roof surface finishes.

Podiums are increasingly being adopted to include the ABG blueroof system within the build up of paving and planter areas as part of a SuDS approach to attenuate stormwater and minimise the surface water run-off on urban developments.

Typical ABG blueroof podium deck configurations

Example of embedded chamber and large planter areas 

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