Grass Car Parks

Natural grass car parks can be sustainable and aesthetically pleasing when installed as part of a professionally designed, free-draining reinforced paving system to help protect the surface from vehicular traffic damage.

Grass car parking is a desirable surface for applications where the environmental benefits of a permeable SuDS surface, or the requirement for a more natural aesthetic are required. Cost constraints and Planning restrictions associated with specifying a hard paved car parking surface and areas of overflow grass parking are other considerations why engineered natural grass may be specified.

Where cars are allowed to park on unreinforced grass, lawns and fields; the natural local soils are rarely adequately stable or free-draining to sustain traffic. Intensive and repetitive vehicle movements of cars parking in cold, wet conditions or always in the same location, can quickly cause grass abrasion, compaction and rutting. This can result in a waterlogged, hazardous and unserviceable muddy grass surface.

The solution to a successful and sustainable grassed car park is to specify a well designed and professionally engineered grass reinforcement system, capable of stabilising the pavement surface, whilst remaining free-draining and protecting grass roots to enable healthy grass growth. The grass paving or grass reinforcement system’s structural surface must also retain and protect the soil fill, but remain sufficiently porous enough to allow surface water to drain freely through into the underlying profile. The anticipated frequency of use must always be taken into consideration when planning the development of a successful grass paved parking surface.

Permeable plastic grass pavers can provide a porous surface for car parking applications. Permeable plastic grass pavers are interlocking cellular paving grids which allow rainwater to infiltrate freely through into the subgrade or designed sub-base, to attenuate surface water run-off. A professionally designed and installed permeable grass paving grid system can form part of sustainable urban drainage system (SuDS) whilst providing a safe, stable and environmentally acceptable alternative to hard paving.

Similarly a natural grass and discreetly reinforced grass reinforcement solution, with no visible surface structures, is also achievable through installation of a sub-surface mesh reinforced rootzone that combines selected soils with a reinforcing plastic mesh element system. When the turf roots anchor with the mesh elements, the result is a stable, safe and invisibly engineered natural grass surface which remains free-draining, traffickable and compaction resistant, yet capable of high-load bearing capacity with potential for increased wear tolerance.

Typical applications

  • Grass car parking bays
  • Overflow grass car parks
  • Grassed access routes
  • Grassed emergency access routes
  • Grass Reinforcement


  • Safe, stable and environmentally sound alternative to impermeable paving

ABG supply the following grass paving and grass reinforcement solutions that are suitable for stabilising grass car parks, overflow car parks and grass access areas:

Sudspave Permeable Grass Pavers

Sudspave is a permeable paving system consisting of interlocking plastic porous pavers designed for the stabilisation of trafficked grass surfaces.


Porous grass pavers provide reinforcement by protecting grass roots and promoting optimum growth

Grass Reinforcement

Advanced Turf System (Netlon ATS) is a high-performance, plastic mesh-element rootzone system. The reinforced grass system provides an aesthetic, SuDS compliant and free-draining grassed surface, capable of sustaining heavy vehicle loadings in occasional-use applications such as car parking and emergency access routes.

The plastic mesh reinforces the grass surface rootzone, making it suitable for cars and parking applications.

Truckcell Heavy-Duty Grass Pavers

Truckcell™ is a heavy-duty, cellular porous paving system designed for intensive usage and high-load traffic applications for grass or gravel surfaces. A grass fill within the cellular paving is suitable for car parking bays, lay-bys and fire / emergency access routes at visitor attractions.

If your project is considering a grass car park, contact ABG to discuss the reinforcement and stabilisation solutions we offer. Whether you are looking for grass parking bays, overflow grass car park reinforcement or grassed access roads we can provide the best reinforced permeable paving solution to meet the project requirements.

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