Infiltration basin of a heating plant

Teracro® C13D500R40 - Anti-erosion, filtering, and reinforced Teracro® erosion control - Joué les Tours

Client Dalkia

teracro® erosion control composite



Description of the slope stabilization solution 

On the site of the heating plant, an infiltration basin with a height of 3.20m and a slope of 40° was constructed.
To maintain the 15cm of topsoil and prevent slope erosion, our Teracro soil anchoring system was installed.
The product, sized according to the slope’s geometry, has a strength of 40kN/m thanks to a network of polyester cables.

Anti-erosion, filtering, and reinforced Teracro® geocontainer     Slope stabilization by Teracro®

Description of the product solution 

The Teracro® product is designed and manufactured by Terageos.
It consists of a non-woven geotextile serving as a drainage layer, integrating a soil retention system in the form of twisted linear reliefs welded horizontally, each 13cm high.
The layer is reinforced with polyester cables to achieve the appropriate strength to support the weight of the soil layer placed on top and to stabilize the slope.
The dimensions of the anchoring and the product’s strength are made in accordance with the NF G 38067 standard.”

teracro soil grip

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