Rochambeau district parking – Vendôme (41)

TX 150 - Rochambeau district parking – Vendôme

Client Road service of the city of Vendôme


Project description  

In the Rochambeau parking project, with a capacity of 120 spaces, the study office indicated that the existing soil had a bearing capacity of 15 MPa, which was not sufficient to support the estimated traffic of 240 light vehicles per day. Therefore, a target of 50 MPa was set, and the structure initially planned in the technical specifications was as follows: 

  • Geotextile class 6 
  • 45cm of 0/63 materials, finishing with 0/31.5 

Parking quartier Rochambeau – Vendôme          Parking quartier Rochambeau – Vendôme

Description of the product solution  

With this data, our teams conducted a preliminary study to define the optimal solution to achieve the 50 MPa objective using our TriAx solution, while reducing the layer of materials. The calculation note was made with the Tensarpave software. 

Optimized TriAx solution implemented 

  • TriAx® TX 150 
  • 27cm of 0/63 materials, finishing with 0/31.5 
  • Expected bearing capacity: 50 MPa 

The implementation of TriAx® allowed a material saving of 18cm (40%), which is about 650m³. 

  • TX150 packaged in rolls of 4m x 75m 
  • Manual installation of the TriAx geogrid 
  • TriAx stabilizing the layer of materials 

Rochambeau district parking          TriAx® TX 150


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