Biarritz Pays Basque Airport – Biarritz (64) Stabilization and drainage of the parking area using the TriAx® system

9,200m² of F8 TX170 T3 - Biarritz Pays Basque Airport – Biarritz

Client Aéroport Biarritz Pays Basque
Designer Artelia, Pau agency

Eiffage Route Sud-Ouest

Distributor MTP Lons


Project description

In this airport parking project, the challenges were to improve the bearing capacity of the soil by stabilizing the materials and draining water inlets. The initial solution involved placing draining spurs across the entire surface and setting up a road structure to achieve a bearing capacity of 50Mpa: 

  • Original soil with a bearing capacity of 3.6MPa 
  • 75 cm of GNT 200/300 cladding 
  • 25 cm of GNT 0/63 
  • 15 cm of GNT 0/31.5 
  • 6 cm of BBSG 0/10 

Fiche référence aeroport Biarritz Pays-Basque             Aeroport Biarritz Pays-Basque

Product solution description

After a technical study carried out with Tensarpave software, we proposed the following optimization: 

  • 30cm of GNT 100/200 cladding 
  • Triax® F8 TX170 T3 
  • 18cm of GNT 0/63 
  • 15cm of GNT 0/31.5 
  • Achieving the target bearing capacity of 50 MPa 

The implementation of TriAx® allowed for a saving of 45cm of cladding material and 7cm of GNT 0/63. 

Furthermore, the filtering and draining function of the F8 TX170 T3 allowed for the complete substitution of the initially planned draining spurs. 

The F8 TX170 T3 is a stabilization drainage system for forming layers composed of a triaxial geogrid with monolithic and homogenous triangular meshes, associated in the factory with a non-woven, needle-punched, thermally bonded geotextile for filtering/separation with a gripping effect, and a network of mini-drains in polypropylene. The regularly spaced and perforated mini-drains provide great drainage capacity under compression loads. 

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