Stabilization of roads and building at Ferme du Pont Long, Lescar (64)

TX 170 GD - Ferme du Pont Long, Lescar

Client Colas
Designer C.S.H.O, Jacques VIGNES (Architect DESA)
Distributor MTP Lons


Project description

To construct the drying barn of Ferme du Pont Long and the adjacent roads, the bearing capacity of the soil, initially around 6 MPa, was insufficient compared to the targeted 50 MPa. The base solution for different zones (building, heavy and light traffic roads) included: 

  • 40cm to 80cm clouting GNT 80/150 
  • Geotextile 
  • 30cm to 40cm of GNT 0/31.5 

Our teams conducted a preliminary study to define the optimal solution to reach the 50 MPa goal using our TriAx solution while reducing the layer of materials.
The calculation was done using Tensarpave software.

Stabilization of Roads and Building

Product solution

Our solution, valid for all project zones with a 6 MPa excavation level, included: 

  • TriAx® TX 170 GD 
  • 42cm of GNT 0/31.5 
  • Expected bearing capacity: 50 MPa 

The implementation of TriAx® allowed for material savings: 

  • 78cm for the building area 
  • 38cm for heavy traffic roads 
  • 28cm for light traffic roads 

The TX 170 GD is a polypropylene stabilization system with rigid triangular meshes (secant module 480 kN/m) combined with a filtering geotextile (standard EN ISO 10319).
Its triaxial shape effectively locks aggregates for efficient mechanical locking.

Additional information