Stabilization of slope covering by Teracro® Geocellular container

Teracro® C13D600 / Teracro® Anti-Erosion Geocellular Container

Client Symadrem



teracro® erosion control composite

teracro® TD with drainage system


45,000 m²

Description of the slope covering stabilization solution 

From the project specifications for the Montagnette dikes, it was planned to use a 600g/m² anti-puncture, soil-gripping sheet on slopes 4.1m high with a 21.8° incline. The purpose of this soil-gripping sheet was to prevent erosion by filtering and stabilizing the 30cm covering layer of soil and to promote vegetation on the dikes. 

Without protection by Teracro, strong floods weaken the dike as materials are not retained, and breaches can form. The Teracro geocomposite thus contributes to the stability of the structure over time. 

  teracro digue de la montagnette    teracro digue de la montagnette

Description of the product solution 

The Teracro® product is designed and manufactured by Terageos. It consists of a non-woven geotextile acting as a drainage sheet, integrating a soil retention system in the form of twisted linear reliefs welded horizontally, 13cm in height. The anchoring and resistance dimensions of the products are made following the NF G 38067 standard. 

teracro soil grip    teracro soil grip

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