Stabilization of the access road - Hippodrome du Mans (72)

TX 170 + Bontec NW 8 - the entrance of the Hippodrome du Mans

Client Le Mans Metropole

Colas 72

Distributor via Point P ZI Sud LE MANS

nonwoven bontec® NW optim


4,500 m² of TX 170 + Bontec NW 8

  • Cost savings on forming layer 
  • Easy and quick installation 
  • Reduction of carbon footprint 
  • Increased trafficability 

Description of the stabilization solution
For the construction of the access road at the entrance of the Hippodrome du Mans, the TriAx stabilization solution was studied and proposed from the design phase.
Assuming a 40cm excavation for a 5.70m wide track, the teams carried out a preliminary study to define the optimal solution to increase the bearing capacity of the existing soil, using the Tensarpave software.

Stabilization of the access road

Product solution

  • Soil Assumption: Bearing capacity of 5 MPa 
  • Materials: 
  • Geotextile filter Bontec NW 8 100g/m² 
  • TriAx® TX 170 
  • 40 cm of crushed granular material type 0/80 
  • 10 cm of granular type 0/31.5 for finishing 
  • Expected bearing capacity: 50 MPa 

The TX 170 is a stabilization system made of rigid polypropylene with triangular meshes.
Its manufacturing process from a perforated and elongated polypropylene sheet results in very resistant nodes.
The triaxial shape allows for the confinement of aggregates to achieve effective mechanical locking.

Stabilization of the access road    Stabilization of the access road

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