CSDU Audenge (33) teradrain®


Client ADEME



F16T1 (124,000 m²) / teradrain® F16T0.5 (82,000 m²)

Drainage solution description 

The waste dome and its slopes are covered with teradrain draining mats placed on a textured geomembrane, then backfilled. This solution protects the geomembrane and collects rainwater before directing it to collector ditches. Considering the large area to be covered, long rolls were manufactured, specially adapted to the site’s geometry. 


Product solution description 

The implemented teradrain® product is specially designed and manufactured by teragéos to meet the various functions of rainwater infiltration drainage in landfills. It consists of a non-woven, needle-punched draining mat and a network of mini polypropylene drains maintained by a geotextile filter. The mini-drains are regularly spaced and perforated, providing high drainage capacity under compression loads. The geogrip effect of the composite, thanks to a high friction coefficient, increases the stability of the cover. 

Draining mat with mini-drains       Teradrain® geocomposite with mini-drain collector

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