The various uses of our Terapro product!

Terapro® stopracine is a single-piece anti-root geocomposite that includes a factory-bonded waterproof film with associated protective geotextiles. It is used for various applications, such as under bike paths, pedestrian walkways, playgrounds, light roadways, and forest trails. 

Terapro FOS 

A one-piece waterproof geocomposite for ditches and channels. Terapro® FOS is made up of non-woven polypropylene needle-punched anti-puncture geotextiles, factory-assembled with a waterproof film using a hot-melt process. 

Terapro NAP 

Terapro® NAP is a one-piece waterproof geocomposite used under roadways, platforms, railways, protecting groundwater against traffic pollution, and safeguarding the road material from soil fines (pumping) and clay. 

Terapro BAT 

Terapro® BAT is a waterproof geocomposite that isolates the foundation soil from water ingress around buildings.