More than 7,500 square meters of slopes stabilised with our TERACRO Earth Gripping product!

Earth Retention
Installation of a Teracro C13-D400 for retaining topsoil on slopes of basins with geomembranes.

Teracro earth grip    Teracro earth grip

Product solution description

The Teracro® geotextile with filtering barriers is a geosynthetic product designed for stabilising slopes and combating erosion. It provides a comprehensive solution, where several other products are required.

Functions of our product

– Facilitating the attachment and retention of soil or cover materials on a slope, sealed by a geomembrane, thanks to the filtering reliefs that are 13 cm high, which locally reduce the slope of the slope.
– Protecting against surface erosion of slopes through the filtering reliefs.

Teracro Earth Grip    Teracro Earth Grip