Tree Root Protection

terapro® stopracine provides an all-in-one anti-root geocomposite for use horizontally or vertically to effectively prevent the spread of roots from deforming and weakening pavements. This innovative product addresses the challenges associated with root intrusion in various applications, ensuring the durability and stability of surfaces.

Ideal for use beneath bike paths, pedestrian walkways, playgrounds, light pavements, forest trails, and even in basins, terapro® stopracine serves as a reliable barrier against root-induced damage. 

Engineered with precision, the terapro® stopracine is a seamless solution to root-related issues, contributing to the longevity and resilience of infrastructure. It’s safeguarding pathways frequented by pedestrians and cyclists. This geocomposite demonstrates its adaptability and effectiveness. 

By choosing terapro® stopracine, you’re investing in a durable and efficient solution to combat root-related damage.

Typical applications

  • Access routes and haul roads
  • Landscaped areas subject to traffic loading


  • Protects tree roots during access road construction and use
  • No-dig soil confinement system


The product consists of needle-punched, nonwoven polypropylene puncture-resistant protective geotextiles, joined in a factory to a waterproof polyethylene sheet by a hot-melt process.


  • terapro® stopracine is available in widths of 1, 2 and 4m and 50m lengths; other sizes on request.

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