waterproof terapro® NAP

Introducing terapro® NAP, a revolutionary geocomposite root barrier designed for seamless application beneath road surfaces, platforms, and railway tracks. This cutting-edge solution serves a dual purpose, acting as a protective barrier for groundwater against traffic-related pollution and safeguarding the pavement material from the fines in the underlying soil, preventing issues such as pumping. 

Ideal for a variety of infrastructure projects, terapro® NAP offers a comprehensive and unified approach to root protection, ensuring the longevity and stability of construction. The geocomposite is engineered to create a robust shield, preventing the intrusion of roots that could compromise the structural integrity of roadways, platforms, and railway systems. 

In urban environments, where the proximity of green spaces and vegetation to infrastructure poses a challenge, terapro® NAP helps to preserve the functionality and durability of transportation networks. By inhibiting the growth of roots that might otherwise infiltrate and damage the pavement, this geocomposite significantly extends the service life of roads, platforms, and railway tracks. 

Not limited to safeguarding against root intrusion, terapro® NAP also serves to preserve groundwater quality. Acting as a barrier, it prevents pollutants generated by vehicular traffic from reaching and contaminating the underlying aquifers, contributing to the protection of precious water resources. 

Engineered as a monolithic geocomposite, terapro® NAP boasts a seamless design that enhances its effectiveness and ease of installation. Its cohesive structure ensures that there are no weak points or gaps, providing a continuous and reliable defense against root penetration and environmental contaminants. 

Incorporating terapro® NAP into infrastructure projects not only addresses immediate challenges posed by root intrusion and pollution, but also contributes to the long-term sustainability of the constructed environment. The geocomposite root barrier option provides a versatile and robust solution for engineers and developers striving to build resilient and long-lasting infrastructure. Choose terapro® NAP for a comprehensive and sustainable approach to root and groundwater protection in your construction projects.


  • terapro® NAP is used under pavements, roadbeds and railways, for protection of groundwater against traffic pollution and for protection of the pavement material against fines from the supporting soil (pumping).


  • terapro® NAP is economical and easy and quick to install
  • the layers are joined together during manufacturing in the factory to eliminate the need for successive laying of geotextiles and geomembranes and do not slip relative to one another
  • flexible, waterproof and continuous, terapro® adapts to the substrate without cracking
  • terapro® NAP protects the subsoil and groundwater from pollution due to traffic
  • terapro® NAP protects the pavement material against fines from the supporting soil (pumping)
  • joints are welded for a strong join
  • the gamme terapro range is broad, allowing you to find the appropriate product for your needs


terapro® NAP consists of needle-punched nonwoven polypropylene puncture-resistant protective geotextiles of 500 g/m2 mass per unit area, joined in factory by a hot-melt process to a waterproof polyethylene sheet.

Assembly of the waterproof polyethylene sheet should be feasible by hot air gun and with an automatic machine. The dynamic puncture resistance in accordance with ISO 13433 must be less than 0mm and the static puncture resistance greater than 7 kN.

Installation technique

  • prepare a clean, graded, compacted and drained earthworks base, with no protruding elements
  • unroll terapro® NAP on the ground with a pole and a machine, or by hand, or use a lifting beam
  • adjust the fitto the eathworks profile, cut out by cutting disc if necessary, hold in position with small heaps of ballasting materials before backfilling and smooth the materials with a levelling bucket
  • treat tiling joins by thermal bonding with a hot air gun
  • please contact terageos for any installation advice or technical assistance for bonding


  • terapro® NAP is available in widths of 1, 2 and 4m and 50m lengths; other sizes available on request

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